Tuesday, November 16, 2010

because of him..SEUNG GI~

yaw!sekarang dah musim salji kat korea.wah,best nyer!!one of my friend already went to korea yesterday. have a safe trip and enjoy ur vacation chingu!<3 ok2.dah lari topik asal. :)

SEUNG GI!my smile boy,my shillang,my ideal man,and many my..my..my..haha. really excited want to go KOREA becoz of  him and 1n2d members coz this show bring viewers to many interesting places in Korea. this is him :


i luv his smile
i luv his character
 i luv his dimples
i luv his voice
i luv his eyes
i luv his actor
i luv his songs
i luv his shows

now,Malaysian already has a facebook group named LEE SEUNG GI MALAYSIA AIREN. i already be a member of the group. there are many projects the group had. the latest one is project for seung gi's t-shirt project and seung gi's 1n2d anniversary scrapbook. now,im waiting for the airen t-shirt,hoho. the scrapbook is full with messages from malaysia airen group and it already sent to Korea.hihi.

T-shirt project~^^

one page from scrapbook(there's my message!^^)

my message for seung gi<33

i also knew another project but not seung gi's project. its 1n2d's project.wah,really excited!!^^
the project is care package project for 1n2d members.its like international fan project. read this : 

A couple of 1N2D fans are organizing a small project to send postcards and food items to the production.  Check out their ideas. They would love to have everyone participates so please send in your ramen package.
1n2d-er is going to korea on 16th Nov~ so we thought of sending food and postcards from around the world to the boys~ you dont need to send anything expensive,anything will do,this is 1n2d,so we go with 1n2d style~ ANY FOOD IS GOOD AS LONG ITS FOOD haha <3 as long as it shows where is it from~ like different packaging of kitkat~ or anything at all~ but just sending postcards too is great~ its easy and very cheap~

so to put it simpler~ we are sending

1. FOOD (preferably native like some r sending dried mangoes frm philipines and the food should be long lasting like dried fruits~ make sure its good for at LEAST a month and airport safe)
2. POSTCARDS (frm where u r,its cheap&easy to buy+send) address it to the boys and put it in an envelope(if you are only sending postcard) and send it to us :)
you can send EITHER or both~ :)
if you guys are interested,the deadline is 13Nov(date to arrive at to the girls,not end date of sending) anyone interested do email me elie.ethelion@gmail.com or PM me on soompi or tweet me @laydeebutterly <3 i’ll give the detail later(like where do you send the stuff and whateva)

please please please do  participate guys,this is going to be delivered by hands by the girls~ <3
guess what?i sent a luvly card for 1n2d members. such a simple and colourful card.hehe.this is it :

the 2nd hand envelope.hehe.

the luvly card by myself~simple~forgot 'o' there. :)

really forgot 'o but its okay.i hope they can read it without 'o'. ;)
i sent this card becoz i want they read it when 1n2d on-air.coz my friend said that they aired the fan gifts in episode 107. if they not on-air, im happy too becoz they already accept it. =)
my friend already post it in here to 1n2d's fans see the gifts that will be given to the guys.

i LOVE 1n2d!!

p/s : sorry.broken english.keke =p

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