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Korea Trip (laydee in Seoul)-Part 1

credit to @laydeebutterfly for her experience.kamsahamnida. =)
just want to share for my inspiration to go korea.hihi.i hope i will go there soon.
date : 31 July 2009.

I’m posting a series of correspondence from one of our fansubbers, laydeebutterfly, describing her recent trip to Korea.  She had one of those amazing vacations;  filled with plenty of crazy, fun and oh so memorable moments.  I think you’ll enjoy reading her excellent adventures.

Seoul, Republic of Korea. JiWon, where are you?
Part 1 starts out with her 10-hour plane ride from Germany to Seoul …
Note:  one of laydeebutterfly’s goals on this vacation is to attend Super Junior Super Show 2 concert.

Annyeong from Korea!!!!!!!~~~~~~~
OK, I am super excited today since today is SUPER SHOWWWWWWWWWW~~ but most importantly, my day..I am so sorry unnie..last night, I forgot to bring out my camera when we went out for the second time..the night life here is soooo fun..well maybe because I went here’s what has happened so far..

1st :  never give away your aisle seat to a grumpy ajumma that scowls every time you need to go to the toilet.. T___T I have been on longer plane journey before but this is by far the WORST..bad, very bad food T__T bad, very bad service as well..and there was no place to exercise and so on…
2nd : bring your credit card! the start of my disaster series..I can’t rent a phone without one. I can’t believe I left it at home T___T

Then I took a shuttle bus that cost 9000Won to’s easy and there’s announcement in English even though the driver can’t speak English..arrived at Ehwa University (where I am staying for the next 12 days).

The university itself is BEAUTIFUL and very very’s on a very2 steep hill and the hostel is on TOP of the hill..and the view from up here, it’s just WOW.. I will take pictures of the view later..

And I had ddukbokki and odeng? or something like that from the street..the ajummas were really so friendly and they actually try to understand why we can’t eat sundae (blood sausage) and asked about my headscarf and stuff.

Then I went out a little after eating; stashing away my luggage first. OMG the clothes!!~~ the was the highlight of my day..owh forgot, another disaster.  I lost 100000 won..I seriously have no idea when did it got lost since I put it in my back pocket.. T__T I felt like crying but I don’t think there’s any use..I might not go to the Sunday concert..maybe I could go to SBS and stalk Eun Ji Won is his last day..
It was the last day that Ji Won hosted SBS Inkigayo.  FYI, 100,000 won is equivalent to 80USD.  She requested to have a friend from Germany mailed her the credit card after realizing that she has left it at home. Express mail has never seemed so slow to laydee at this point.

Another view of the city. Smoggy, aren't we?
On my first day trip to the shopping streets, I found some 1n2d socks..but it’s not a complete set..they were missing 3 members..there are the two: LSG and KHD..I asked for some EJW socks but there is none at the I left..will go and find it at another store..

It rained cats and dogs last my shoes are today, I need to buy some would work waay better than shoes..hehe..

I am now writing in the dark while my friend is sleeping..I guess I need time to adjust to Korean time..haha..
We then move to the day after she arrived in Seoul.  To the SuJu concert we go…

Let me spazz first about SUPER SHOW 22222222222!!~~ OMG OMG OMG!!~ It was soooo fun!~ they were literally everywhere that I had a hard time keeping up…and I get to touch RYEOWOOKS HANDDDDDDDDD plus Hangkyung’s shoulderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

Ryeowook actually extended his hand to me..mind you, I am in the sitting section,and a higher one at that..they come at that section for like 2 times? three times? I was shoved by the staff when Kangin passed..again when Eunhyuk came..but at the end,there’s so many of them came up that the staff were shorthanded..haha..lucky us fanss…kyaaaaaaaaaaaa… I am now delaying my shower because I don’t want to wash my hands..I kept my right hand in my pocked the whole 40 minutes on subway..LOL…and OMG, I literally cried when it was over..Once in the middle of the concert, since they were singing shining star to us ELFs, I think 5 of them cried…they even had a video message before they sang the song saying they love ELFs bla bla bla…omg it was PERFECT!!~~ even if it rained the whole day and I was stuck with a soaked wet feet the whole night…even when I had to be shoved like twice from the staff and almost fell from the seat after shaking hands with Ryeowook since the chair folded itself and I forgot about that was perfection to the n…hahaugh,  I need more more and moreeee…haha… 
 Too excited to sleep from the concert.

A trip to Korea would not be complete without the foods.  We are lucky that laydee is a foodie.  I bet she watches Bizarre Food on the Travel Channel like me.  She completes the experience with photos

Ok, on to my trip..I am now pissed since my friend have yet to send my credit card..I don’t know why doesn’t he understand the word “emergency”..I think I need to translate that to like more than one’s EMERGENCY in English, KECEMASAN in Malay and NOTFALL in German..

So first with promised, I took all the pictures of my food..I think the restaurant owner was like,WTH are these girls doing..haha..

My first real meal..this is the side dish..on the left is steamed egg,pickled cucumber, kkakdugi and then ddokbukki..the yellow one is pickled radish..the thing is, all Korean restaurants would give you free water..

We then ordered this.  In the egg,there’s rice,seaweed, and meat…since we didn’t know there’s going to be meat in it (the menu only says seaweed and rice), we had to give it looks so good though..

and then this is the main dish..rice with fried’s DELICIOUS…there’s kimchi on the side too..

When I got back at night,all battered and hungry,there’s street food..haha..I guess you guys could see this in dramas countless of times..odeng is super delicious..

And then on the way back, I  saw this..I seriously don’t know what this is has a sweet sort of bun at the bottom and the top is’s so deliciousssssss..

The next day,  we went to a restaurant to eat haemoolsoondooboo(seafood soon tofu)..we really have no idea which restaurant has one, so we asked some ajusshi who were selling some foods across the street..he was really nice..actually walked with us through the rows of restaurants.  When he found one for us, he even opened the door and ordered for us…LOL

We ate this because the soondooboo took too long to prepare..this is mattang (if I remembered right).  It’s sweet potato covered with sugar..again,DELICIOUS!~ I think Hwangbo made this once on We Got Married.

When the soondooboo finally came..kyaaaa..I like it because it’s hot and spicy…haha..there’s soft tofu, some of those white slender mushrooms and an egg.. I LOVE LOVE this dish!

There are three side dishes..seaweed,kimchi and fried anchovies..

Yesterday, I went to the Korean folks village…I’ll tell you about it later..but this is my’s a bit plain for my taste bud but still is good..there’s potato too in it..I think there is something-sujaebi..but I forgot what that something is..

JoGae Sujaebee? "Clam" Sujaebee?
I ruffled it a bit so you guys can see what’s inside..

LOL, they do eat a lot of eggs but still I think it’s because  I can’t eat beef and almost all of the other things have eggs in it..

That’s it for food today..and yes, bee-unnie, I really am traveling 1n2d style..but the difference is, I don’t have any PD to negotiate foods  with..haha

And with that, we ends Part 1 of laydee’s trip.  Stay tuned for Part 2!


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