Monday, November 1, 2010

Ghost Spirit

saje jew nak post pasal ghost spirit nie..lagipun nak sangat taw macam mane ghost tu kan..padahal sebenarnye takut gak,huhu..tibe-tibe terbaca pasal ghost spirit..nak taw '9 posibility for a person easily possess by ghost spirit'..

9 posibility for a person easily possess by ghost spirit : mole on any of your left hand finger.
2.wash face at 2:47am(its damn true,,if dun believe can try it.) turn yellowish and seems not glow and healthy. more than 4 wood comb in your house.
5.suffering Insomnia and those who r born in the year of dog.
6.those who born at 1:44am
7.forehead turn a bit greenish(pale face i think la)
8.if the toilet mirror can actually see windows behind.(reflexion of the mirror in your room toilet maybe and it just facing towards the direction of yur room window.)
9.If u accidently broke your cup or mug or bowl on the 14th month 7 of chinese calendar.

credit to Ben Wong (Gempak Starz) 

huh~xtaw la nak caya ke x kan..mcm btol n xbtol jew..


oh emm gee! said...

oh emm gee.. i've 2 moles on my left finger... otoke?

Buin said...

idk..maybe kene double lagi kot,huhu..